Carmen Waterman

Carmen Waterman

*Waving enthusiastically*

Hi everyone, and welcome to Creative Breakouts. My name is Carmen and I am the CEA (Chief Escape Artist) here at Creative Breakouts. My role and passion is to help you to break out of the patterns, habits, and roles that no longer serve you. To provide you with the insights and tools to boldly embrace a life that is filled with the things you love, by recognizing your own unique gifts and dreams.

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. I never really fit into the roles expected of me, and I spent most of my youth and my working career finding creative ways to succeed and remain true to myself. When that wasn’t possible I found it necessary to escape! Learning creative and alternative ways to thrive has always been my primary goal in helping others.

I am an artist, reiki healer, tarot intuitive and MBTI soul coach with business and management experience that will help you to bridge the gap between the “outside world” and your spiritual self. As a certified MBTI facilitator, I offer workshops and individual sessions about innate preferences and self-development opportunities. I think outside the box and want to help you tap into your own creativity and intuition.

As the creator of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot, I have been successful in helping others to find their own inner wisdom to make changes in their life that align with their soul’s purpose.

As a learning and development professional, I have created and implemented corporate training programs that focus on business needs, skills and competencies.
I am now free to combine these years of specialization with the expertise I’ve gained from my spiritual and creative studies to provide exciting new courses that will help you to “break out” and be your own authentic and unique self.

My superpower is kindness and I guarantee I will always come from a place of caring and compassion.

Carmen Waterman
CEA (Chief Escape Artist), Creative Breakouts